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Eye Shadow
General Tips

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One of the easiest ways to get a healthy look is with blush -- unfortunately, it is often misused. Here is the correct and easy way to apply blush: First, start with a good quality blush brush. You can accentuate your face and cheeks naturally. Smile and you will see the fleshy part that stands out the most; this is the apple of your checks. This is your starting point for applying your blush. Apply a light layer of blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up and back toward your hair line.

TIP: Tap off the excess blush from your brush before applying to your face. Do not blow on the bristles or you will put bacteria from your mouth on to the brush. Compact size blush brushes are too small and the bristles are not shaped properly. Once again, use a good quality brush.

TIP: To find the perfect color blush for your skin, look at your cheeks after you have exercised. That is what your natural blush color should look like.


The eyebrows are the most important feature in defining the face. The trick to applying a natural eyebrow shape is using a hard stiff, short brush, and working with colorations instead of pencils. Pencils can be used, but it takes practice and patience to get a natural look.

The first step is tweezing. Start by thinning the eyebrow, then slowly begin to define the arch. The arch should reach the highest point above the middle of your iris. Thin from that point out. The brows are the frame of your eyes. Don't be afraid to tweeze your eyebrows - BUT NEVER SHAVE YOUR EYEBROWS. Spend your money on a good tweezer.

The general rule of determining the shape of your eyebrow is to hold a pencil vertically alongside your face to the point where the pencil meets your eyebrow. That is the natural starting point. Tweeze the stray hairs between the two starting points. The end point is found by angling the pencil past the outer corner of your eye. Remove stray hairs beyond that spot, and from below your natural arch.

The shape and grooming of your eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger and open up your face more naturally then wearing a lot of makeup. Be careful, as heavy brows will overpower your face. Shape your eyebrows by tweezing the hairs from underneath, not from above.

TIP: Tweeze after a shower and it will be less painful. Most people have a good natural shape; it just needs to be defined better.
TIP: Take the color that is the closest to your eyebrow color and fill in the gaps to make a nicely groomed brow. If in doubt, always go a little lighter then your brow.


Rule # 1 about eyeshadow; when you look at a women's face, you see her eyes not her eye shadow. The general rule is that light shades bring out your eyes, darker shades give them dimension. If you have small eyes and want to give the impression of larger eyes, you want to stay with lighter shades. If you have large eyes or protruding eyes, you would want to use darker shades. To prevent shadow from creasing, put foundation on your lids first, then powder. This gives you a clean canvas for your colorations.

The first step of applying eyeshadow is to apply a light color over your entire eye lid from lash line to brow. Use a large flat eyeshadow brush. Always use good quality brushes.

The second step is to apply a medium shadow color on your lower lid from lash line to the crease of your eye. Use a fluff brush.

The third step is to use your darkest color as a liner and apply along your lash line. To insure shadow will not flake, dampen your eyeliner brush before applying shadow. This will make it last longer.

Once your foundation is on, gradually apply lighter shades first, slowly working up to your final color. An important fact to remember is, use colors that blend together naturally. It's not where you place the colors: it's that they work together and blend together invisibly.

TIP: You do not want this to look like three separate colors.


  1. Be careful with shimmery products, especially on your eyes; they tend to collect in creases.
  2. If you have large and open eyes, don’t use loud or bright colors that will over emphasize the fullness. You want them to be soft and keep a person’s attention.
  3. On deep-set eyes, you should use shadow colors that are on the light side of the color spectrum. Light brings out.
  4. For a light or sheer look, dampen sponge before applying foundation.
  5. Don’t test foundation or concealer color on your hand. Match it to the skin on your face and neck.
  6. Make sure you shake your foundation vigorously before applying.
  7. If you have sallow skin, pick a foundation that disappears on your face. To counteract your skin tone choose a pink or rosy blush.
  8. If your mascara thickens when it reaches the end of the tube, place tube in warm water. That will help make the mascara thinner.
  9. Don’t pump your mascara wand into the mascara container. This pushes air in the container and makes the mascara dry out faster. Gently insert the wand, turn two or three times, then remove and apply to lashes
  10. Always use less mascara on your lower lashes.
  11. For clumpy eyelashes, use a lash comb to remove clumps.
  12. If you have problems under the eye such as dark circles, bags, uneven skin tones, wrinkled skin, etc….these problems will become more obvious if you apply mascara to the bottom lashes.
  13. Even if you do not use foundation or concealer a powder will give the skin a matte finished appearance.
  14. Powder makes things stay in place whether it be cream based products that move around or foundations, pencils or concealers
  15. Makeup lasts longer with powder application
  16. Powder stops shine. Don’t over powder, it is healthy to have some sheen.
  17. Before applying powder make sure there are no lines or creases. Once you powder, it will stay put.
  18. If your face is very moist, blot first gently with a tissue, otherwise the powder will clump.
  19. Put a light layer of powder under the eyes before applying eyeshadow. If color falls when applying color, it can be gently whisked away after you have finished your application.
  20. Too much color? Dust on a layer of loose powder or pressed powder to take off the edge.
  21. Don’t worry about matching your lip color to your blush, just keep it in the same color family.
  22. The thinner your lips, the more neutral your lip color should be.
  23. Mixing colors is the best way to vary your lipstick shades.
  24. Avoid true red shades if your face is blotchy, irritated or ruddy. Your lips will draw attention to your skin.
  25. A great way to organize your lipsticks or use up the end of your lipstick is to dig out or cut off a chunk of lip color and place it in a lipstick palette case
  26. Pale shades of lipstick make lips look fuller.
  27. To enhance a pout, dab a silver lip-gloss onto the center of your lower lip.
  28. If lip liner is too dark tone it down with a small amount of foundation then reapply lip liner.
  29. Vitamin E oil gives your lips a topcoat plus seals in color. This also creates instant shine and helps to protect sensitive areas.
  30. To prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth, put your finger in your mouth and close your lips-when you withdraw your finger it will remove excess color.
  31. When tweezing your eyebrows first apply Ambesol to numb the area.
  32. Invest in a good tweezer, we recommend Tweezerman.
  33. If you are thinking of lightening your brows, try a colored mascara first to see what they would look like.
  34. If you want your eyebrows to stay in place, put a clear mascara on them or a little hairspray on an eyebrow groomer and brush to desired shape.
  35. Women insist on using the lightest concealer. In reality all you need is one or two shades lighter then your skin.
  36. Concealer doesn’t have to be worn with any makeup or powder. Sometimes all you need is a little concealer and something on your lips. Make sure your concealer is the same shade as your skin.
  37. Concealer should be applied as sparingly as possible. You don’t want it to be cakey or thick.



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